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Lisa Kelley is arguably the single most well-rounded salon educator in the country. With 33 years of experience as a hairstylist, chemical formulation expert, and author of over 10 professional color manuals, her ability to help salon owners view their business from all essential angles is second to none. She has written the professional-use instructions on the bottles many of you hold in your hands every day, and she is a leading expert witness in court for hair color lawsuits throughout the country, called on by both sides to provide testimony regarding the science and painful chemical repercussions of improper hair color use, lack of proper clarification, and product failure. As the former Director of Education for a large distributor in the Northeast, and National Director of Education for a privately owned manufacturer of hair color products, she worked in the labs with chemists from the biggest companies in the world, learning how they develop, market, and upsell overpriced products through sales presentations, passed off as “product education” to their biggest customer - you, the salon owner.


Lisa's Other Job

Lisa is hired to educate a sales team at a pool product company on the importance of clarifying.

1hr 17min

What We Learned at Cosmoprof 2021

Hear what we learned at Cosmoprof 2021

"After Class" with Gary Call

Unfiltered conversation between industry experts. Nothing is off limits after class!

Standard Men's Haircut & Skin Fade Technique

Impromptu barber demonstration that took place at our academy during an educator training day!


Consumer vs. Stylist Focus Group

Unfiltered customer opinions on their experiences in the salon. Prepare for some hard truths people.

Legally Blonde

Blondes make up 40% of the work you do behind the chair. Learn everything there is to know.

4hr 26min
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Hair Freaks and Color Geeks (2-Day)

Master the Coastline curriculum & become a true Hair Freak & Color Geek; the most skilled, independent, groundbreaking stylists out there.

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April 3, 2022
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10:00 am
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Shrewsbury, MA

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