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Franco is a renowned platform artist who has graced the stages of every major show in this country and Italy for the last 30 years. Italian born, he started his career in Italy before relocating to New York. Franco worked in Manhattan as a stylist, working and training with Sassoon educators perfecting his skills in cutting and design. To complete his vision, he started to dive into hair color and realized quickly it was his true passion. He spent several years working with different hair color manufacturers as an educator and platform artist. His marriage of Cutting and Color Synergy, his signature class, is in demand from coast to coast. He invented Colortraxx, a patented color application tool, became an American Board Certified Colorist and presenter at their annual Energizing Summit, is the owner of Magna Shears and Maglet bracelet, and also in addition to all this is the owner and operator of Beautiful Hair Color Salon and Westchester Hair Academy in New York. You have probably seen some of his work on the pages of Modern Salon, American Salon, Salon Today, Salon News, and Hair Color and Design Magazines. He also has other accomplishments: Best of Westchester Magazine 2004, 2005, 2010, 2012. They also named him the Go to Guy for the most gorgeous women in 2006. He enjoys sharing his passion, experience, leadership, and expertise with stylists. Coastline Enterprise is beyond thrilled to have him lead their Education and Design team alongside Lisa Kelley.


After Class - Episode #2

Lisa and Franco give advice to new stylists.


Airsoft Balayage on Precision Long Layered Double Texturized Haircut

Balayage technique combined with double texturized long layered haircut.


Fashion Color Mohawk Veil on a Texturized Lob

Perfect display of chemistry, design and business by a true cut and color master.

2hr 14min

Structured Texturizing Shag and Dimensional Highlight

The Shag is back! See a modern approach with modern tools!

1hr 47min

7 Rules of Design

Follow these steps for a proper client interaction.


Asymmetrical Precision Cut

This haircut offers you a look into a precision cutting with an asymmetrical result.

2 hrs
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