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"A true colorist will use the cheapest color and get the most vibrant, long-lasting results. It's just chemistry, and we'll prove it to you." - Lisa Kelley, President

Start Here. Watch “Chemistry. Design. Business.” the Open House to everything we teach at Coastline Education.

Coastline Education contains college-level courses for professionals only.
Chemistry. Design. Business. is the introduction to everything we teach. For best results, watch this video before watching all other videos.
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Master these areas to level up your salon business.


Best results, no matter your brand. Science of hair and truth about your products.

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Become a master stylist. Changing the way you design and execute haircuts forever.

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Slash color costs, increase efficiency, keep more clients and take your power back!

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About Coastline

We bring science-based, unbiased education to the salon community, disproving misinformation spread through salons and misguided social media channels.

For years, we've been pulling back the curtain on the salon industry - big brand companies selling overpriced products with B.S. ingredients to naïve salon owners.

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Genuinely can't believe the things that they teach in this class aren't part of my state's own cosmetology program.

“I have way more confidence passing on industry facts to my clients, rather than just giving information I've been fed from product lines.”

Salon Owner
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Why Learn With us?

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World-Class Instructors

Nation's elite stylists, salon owners, consultants, colorists, and the real chemists behind your products. Bringing you the most unbiased, fact-based education available in the salon industry.

Creating Elite Salons

Top salon consultants designed this curriculum purely for salon owners to better understand and operate their businesses from all angles: Chemistry. Design. Business.

National Community

Thousands of top salon owners on a mission to stop the spread of misinformation, and bring back fact-based education.

Endless Resources

With our extensive international team and vast experience across the salon industry, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re a new salon or already crushing it, we’re here to help you become the best you can be.

Learning Center

Discover great content to grow your skills in Design, Development and Marketing.

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Don’t Let Formulating Be a Gray Area

Are you struggling to find the right formula for coloring gray hair? Sonja Engels is sharing her expert tips for achieving flawless gray coverage!

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Consultation Advice - Visual Balance

Under Sonja's guidance, learn how to transform client consultations into authentic connections and exceptional styling experiences.

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Permanent, Demi, Semi & Lighteners

Embark on a journey of discovery as Sonja, a seasoned hair color expert, unravels the mysteries behind permanent, demi, semi, and lighteners. From understanding their unique properties to unlocking their full potential, this enlightening video promises to revolutionize your approach to hair coloring.


Start learning now.

Universal salon education: a place to learn the true science of operating a successful salon business, without brand bias.

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