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After years working in corporate America including a fortune 500 company. Randy left that world, returned to his home state of Maine and entered the professional beauty industry. After the first couple of years realizing it’s just another sales job; fate stepped in and Randy was introduced to one of the top salon consultants, hair color educators, and one of the top hair color chemists in the industry. After realizing all he’d done and said his first couple of years was hurting salons more than helping; he did an about-face.</p><p>He spent the next 10 years learning how to correctly run salons successfully in business and every aspect of hair color chemistry. He opened his own distributor in Maine and brought the best education he could to stylists. He is also a consultant, educator and business associate of Coastline Education. Conducting classes all over New England bringing business and chemistry classes to salons and stylists. His knowledge and experience of 17 years in the professional beauty industry make him an asset to Coastline.


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