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Leo Lapierre is the CEO of Coastline Enterprise. He has been educating owners and stylists for over 30 years in how to make it easier to make money more quickly and consistently. Owners and stylists find the techniques and strategies extremely effective and easy to use. The “System” is just like doing color: it has formulas that when followed, produce consistent and predictable results. You’ll benefit from his experience and success of working with stylists just starting out with no clientele to stylists doing over $4,000 a week and salons having yearly sales of $40,000 to over $5 million! He has answers and to your salon problems and frustrations. Leo offers free consultations to any one who has questions about his programs or other areas of their business.



How to keep more clients.


Increase referrals, increase profits.


Increase rebooking with these simple strategies.

Credit Card Fees Really Suck!

Credit card processing expert sheds light on those mysterious monthly fees, and how to avoid them.

"After Class" with Gary Call

Unfiltered conversation between industry experts. Nothing is off limits after class!

Business Power Hour

Essential business lessons from top national salon consultant, Leo Lapierre.

1hr 15min

Level Up Your Salon Business

Essential business principles with top national salon consultant, Leo Lapierre.

1hr 45min

Consumer vs. Stylist Focus Group

Unfiltered customer opinions on their experiences in the salon. Prepare for some hard truths people.

How to Crush it in the Salon Business

Numbers don’t lie. Learn how to create a winning game plan for your business, and your life.

4 hr 11 min
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