Formulation: Blondes

As the seasons change, we're all about adding dimension and depth to our client's hair. Whether it's through low lights or a return to their natural hue, discover how to create long-lasting, satisfying results every time.

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About the Course

In this insightful video, we're breaking down the art of creating incredible blondes with COLOR, moving away from the overused bleach and toner routine. As the seasons change, learn how to add depth, dimension, and texture to your client's hair, whether through low lights or returning to their natural shade. By mastering the 4 Steps of Formulation, you can ensure long-lasting, satisfying blonde results.


“The education you can get from this organization is absolutely the best, bar none.”

Steven M.

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“Coastline Education is exceptional! I’ve just signed up for their 4 day Color Freaks class after taking it 5 years ago and 5 years before that becomes the info is so priceless and up to date, I need to relearn it! Other classes I’ve taken have also been to notch. Highly recommend.”

Kimberly B.

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“If you’re a hair stylist you NEED to take part in this education. Absolutely game changing! I truly feel like I understand my craft more than I ever have. It’s given me so much confidence behind the chair!”

Lizzie G.

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