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About the Course

Social media serves as a great platform for inspiration, discovering new trends, and learning fresh techniques. However, relying solely on influencers for education demands a change, as it proves to be an ineffective method for professional growth. With decades of experience in salon education, Lisa remains astounded by the inadequate level of knowledge among many salon professionals. From fundamental formulation principles and the importance of pH to avoiding the allure of gimmicky products, our industry's educational standards seem to be lacking. Lisa has devoted her entire career to elevating the knowledge base within the industry, recognizing the crucial role education plays in fostering excellence for stylists and salon owners alike. She encourages us to explore the incredible world of brand-free groups that offer not just education, but a genuine understanding of the fundamentals, allowing us to evolve into the best stylists we can be!

Files & Resources

Browse all the links and downloads mentioned in the course. If you would like us to include any other resource, please let us know in the Freaks and Geeks Closed Group.