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About the Course

In the realm of hair design, effective consultation stands as the cornerstone. Without it, attaining the desired results can pose a challenge. Renowned Platform Artist and Education Director, Franco Marino, unveils the secrets to unlocking the best results through a thoughtful and comprehensive consultation process. This invaluable tool not only aids Franco in his creative process but also empowers his clients to actively participate in the decision-making, ensuring that the results align seamlessly with their expectations. Practical aspects of hair care, such as shampoo usage and time devoted to styling, play a pivotal role. From lifestyle considerations to exposure to the elements, and openness to change, every question contributes to the creation of a personalized and meaningful design experience. These questions not only address the health of the hair but also gauge the client's commitment to their desired style.

Files & Resources

Browse all the links and downloads mentioned in the course. If you would like us to include any other resource, please let us know in the Freaks and Geeks Closed Group.