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About the Course

In this informative video, Lisa Kelly from Coastline Education addresses common misconceptions and provides valuable insights on the proper use of conditioners. Lisa emphasizes the importance of understanding individual client needs and choosing the right conditioner for their hair type. She explains that moisture conditioners are ideal for curly and frizzy hair, while protein conditioners are more suitable for straight and fragile hair. Additionally, Lisa highlights the significance of using conditioners correctly, cautioning against rinsing them out squeaky clean as it diminishes their benefits. By making these adjustments and having effective consultations, stylists can enhance their clients' satisfaction, trust, and hair health, leading to increased product sales and success in the industry. Lisa also touches on how conditioners, being acidic, can help protect hair color and make chemical treatments gentler. Overall, this video from Coastline Education serves as a comprehensive guide to unlocking the full potential of conditioners and maximizing client satisfaction.

Files & Resources

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