Keratin 101

Tracy will teach you the chemistry of the various types of keratin treatments, the many uses for them & the proper application techniques.

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About the Course

A keratin treatment can be a godsend for stylists & their clients if recommended and performed properly. Let’s get behind the misinformation and learn the accuracies of what can be one of the most highly useful tools at our disposal as professional beauty experts.
This class will teach you, not only the chemistry of the various types of keratin treatments, but also the many uses for them as well as proper application techniques to achieve different results and overcome many challenges our clients visit us to help them solve.


"Love this company for education! Made me the colorist i am today!"

Krissie M.

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"If you’re a hair stylist you NEED to take part in this education. Absolutely game changing! I truly feel like I understand my craft more than I ever have. It’s given me so much confidence behind the chair!"

Lizzie G.

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"I’ve been a stylist of 28 years, Coastlineedu taught me to look at color another way , and my work has never been better!!!"

Dorothy D.

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